Choosing and Caring for Marble Slabs in Toronto

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If you’re renovating your home with natural stone, it is important to know about choosing and caring for marble slabs in Toronto.

Where to Use Marble in Your Home

Imagine walking into your home and being greeted by an elegant marble fireplace. It’s a gorgeous focal point for the room and makes a great first impression. With so many types of marble to choose from, and so many colours and patterns, you’re bound to find the right one that fits with your sense of style.
The price of marble per square foot depends on how rare it is and how far it has to travel. Carrara marble and Creole marble are two of the types of marble available in Canada; one is from Italy and the other is from the U.S.A. If you want to select from the lists of different types of marble, look online. You can find photos and compare prices before you even apply for permits and hire builders.
Marble slabs are a stately way to redo the flooring in your foyer or bathrooms. Just remember to keep your marble polished and sealed so it looks new and retains its elegant finish without stains.

Marble in Your Home

Using a whole marble slab for a kitchen or bathroom countertop renovation can provide a sleek and stunning look. By using one slab instead of tiles, you’re keeping the pattern of the marble whole and true, preserving its natural beauty. If you prefer tiles in your home, it’s still worth picking out a slab and having a fabricator cut the marble tiles for you. Again, your marble will flow as a pattern as long as you place the marble properly during installation.
If you have remnants after a Toronto fabricator cuts your marble slab, ask about having those cut into other shapes. Since marble is so soft, it’s easy for a fabricator to work with. Why not have your kitchen countertop remnants cut into matching bar stool tops? Matching marble only accentuates the beauty of the stone and lets you put every piece to good use. You can even ask for cut pathway stones or save the remnants for a small countertop in the future.

Cleaning Marble

To keep your marble looking flawless and new, seal it every year. If it’s in a space where it is used frequently, such as a kitchen counter, you may need to seal it more often to ensure that it’s protected from damage.
For day-to-day cleaning, just wipe the marble with a soft, damp cloth. This prevents streaking and scratching.
Never let your marble air-dry. If you do, it may develop water spots, leaving a permanent stain on your beautiful marble.
For serious cleaning, use pH-neutral dishwashing liquid mixed with warm water. Rinse it thoroughly so no soapy residue is left behind and then wipe it dry.
Clean spills right away. Acidic liquids and foods may permanently etch pits into your marble. If you want to preserve your marble’s smooth texture, it’s important to blot right away if there is a spill.
Choosing and caring for  marble slabs in your Toronto renovation project is a great way to raise your home’s value and bring the majestic beauty of natural stone into your home.